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I Am Fangirl, Hear Me Roar

I just want to friend the entire human race.

Acey Enn!
This blog is a worth of TRUFAX. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, fictional or otherwise, is not even remotely coincidental.

If you wish to contact me, doing it via PM (either here or on deviantART--I'm gleefulcynic there) would be your best bet. You can also email me at my public email address, gallowsCassibrator (at) gmail (dot) com, but I don't check that often so I might not respond very promptly.

As for IM, I have MSN, AIM, YIM, and Google Talk. (I also have Skype, but I don't go on very often.) PM/email me if you want to be IM buddies--I LOVE making new friends!

If you send me a friend request via LJ, chances are I'll accept it.

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